Projects in Motion

World Learning & STEM Hub Egypt Consulting and Collaboration

It's been an exciting honor to work with World Learning and The STEM Hub Egypt to design online (and future in-person) integrated STEM experiences for Egyptian youth. We co-developed courses on coding, electronics, Arduino, and graphics design, and developed integrated-STEM facilitator support and planning structures. Just look at what the kids accomplished with thoughtful plans and dedicated leadership!

IceCube Upward Bound 2020 Course Planning & online Camp

Since 2009, I've had the privilege of working with Upward Bound students from St. Paul, MN almost every summer through a partnership between the IceCube Neutrino Telescope, Univ. of WI - River Falls, and Upward Bound. This year, we taught students the foundations of computational thinking while they learned to code a personal expression of their experiences in 2020 and hopes for 2021.

Bioengineering as a Vehicle to Increase the Entrepreneurial Mindset (Chapter)

Solicited by Scribner and Co-authored with Dr. Lisa Bosman, this chapter introduces readers to bioengineering and bio-inspired design as a way to increase the entrepreneurial mindset through integrated STEAM education. Not published yet, but I'll be sure to update when it is!

Computational thinking and Coding

How can we help students engage in coding and also learn the underlying skills that support computational thinking in all syntaxes and disciplines? Dr. Magesh Chandramouli (Purdue Northwest) are exploring these questions together using interactive web-based virtual reality and problem-based learning principles. Please ask for more info if you'd like to try our 10-day module with your students.


My eduKatey blog is bringing my ideas and methods to more teachers. Click the image above to take a look.

Integrated STEM

I'm writing a book about integrated STEM instruction for high school and how YOU can do it. The book will include structures to alleviate common teaching concerns and 15 sample integrated STEM units spanning grades 9-12.

Engineering Leadership

I serve on the Knowles Engineering Leadership Team (LT) which strives to increase American students' problem-solving agency by bringing engineering design into math and science classrooms.

Knowles Academy

Since 2016, I'vehelped the Knowles Academy by providing professional development services on engineering integration to teachers across the country.


Check out the Knowles Engineering NewsLever newsletter for interesting and relevant resources to help you use engineering design to teach math and science content.


I serve the American Society for Engineering Education's (ASEE) Pre-College Engineering Education (PCEE) Division 2020 Paper Chair, on the ASEE K12 Commission, and as a PCEE rep to ASEE's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission.

STEM curriculum

Through the Knowles Teacher Initiative, I currently support Fairfax County Public School's Global STEM Challenges Program based on the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century. The curriculum teaches Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, in combination with engineering design and technology over three years of high school. I've provided professional development and curriculum support since 2017.

IceCube at the south pole

I was an alternate to be the 2019 PolarTREC teacher-liaison to the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole. This would have been my second visit to the Pole with IceCube. Keeping my hopes up for the future!

WArd 1 ed council

I serve on the Washington, D.C. Ward 1 Education Council and recently led the Ward 1 Ed. Council logo creation effort.


I served on the Antarctic Research Consortium of the United States' (ARCUS) Education Committee assisting ARCUS with identifying and funding significant Arctic and Antarctic-related educational opportunities.


I worked with Engineering For Us All (E4USA) in 2019 by writing curriculum and planning teacher PD. Teachers across the country will pilot this exciting NSF-funded effort to teach engineering to all high-school students.

CreatING Adventure

Hiking, cooking, painting, sewing, working out. I am busy with 10-mile races, pirate jackets to sew, socks to darn, and mountains to climb with my husband Ross and my dog Molly.