STEAM Education Services

Katey works with the Knowles Teacher Initiative to provide engineering-integration professional development to high school math and science teachers across the country.

Beginning in June 2020, you can contract Katey directly through eduKatey.

"Katey's support was excellent."

-Engineering integration coach under Katey's supervision, 2018.

The cycle for growth begins with understanding the scope of integrated teaching and learning as it will meet your needs. I'll show you how to design a curriculum that supports your goals and provides rich learning experiences for your teaching staff and students. When you implement, I'll help to ensure you are supported and be there to collect adequate data to determine outcomes for students and teachers. Finally, I'll help you learn about your success and opportunities for further growth.

You will receive services based on your current challenges. Each aspect of the cycle above can be customized and completed individually to supplement your existing professional growth plans. Jump in where you are comfortable and ask for help where you need it.

Let's get started! Please tell me a little about yourself to start us off.